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Scholarships for high school clubs

scholarships for high school clubs

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Contests and Awards

2017 contests and awards are currently open to club and individual participation.

Contest rules

Check out the 2016-17 Key Club Guidebook for contest and award rules, deadlines, and judging criteria.

Contest judging resources

How to submit contest entries

If you need additional guidance about how to submit contest entries for International judging, look over the Contest Submission Guide. This explains which contests are judged where. There are two options. Contests are judged at the Governors and Administrators Training Conference (GATC) or at the Key Club International Convention.

Club awards

All club awards must first be submitted to the district and judged at district convention. Winning submissions are eligible for entry at the International level. The 2017 contest submissions are due to the Key Club International Office by Monday, April 10, 2017.

They also can be sent with an administrator to the 2017 Governors and Administrators Training Conference (GATC). The 2017 Governors and Administrators Training Conference will take place in Chicago, IL April 27 - April 30, 2017. To see which contest categories are judged during GATC view the Contest Submission Guide.

A note about scrapbooks

  • Traditional and Non-Traditional 1st and 2nd place district scrapbook winners are eligible to be judged at the 2017 Key Club International Convention and should be delivered for judging by a club representative.
  • A club may enter one or the other of these scrapbook categories, but not both.
  • At the conclusion of scrapbook judging the club representative will be asked to retrieve the scrapbook and take it back to the club. Scrapbooks left behind are discarded.
  • Scrapbooks should not be mailed to Key Club International for judging during GATC.

A note about traditional scrapbook size and needed forms

  • According to the Key Club Guidebook, a scrapbook album used for creation of a traditional scrapbook must measure no larger than 14 inches wide by 14 inches high.
  • Standard scrapbook albums measuring 12 inches by 12 inches can be purchased at any craft and hobby retail store.
  • Please make sure the year in review cost sheet is attached inside the scrapbook, this also applies to non-traditional scrapbook entries. This is needed for judging.

The following club awards will be judged at GATC

Individual awards

Distinguished District Officer awards (Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary-Treasurer and Editor) are judged during GATC and should be mailed to the Key Club International Office for receipt by Monday, April 10, 2017 and can also be sent with an administrator to GATC.

Robert F. Lucas Distinguished Lt. Governor awards are judged by individual districts prior to district conventions. A list of the Robert F. Lucas Award winners should be emailed to [email protected] by Monday, April 10, 2017. The district governor and or district administrator may provide this information.

Oratorical and talent contests

Oratorical and talent contests are judged at the 2017 Key Club International Convention. Review the Key Club Guidebook (Oratory page 49 /Talent page 50), for eligibility to participate in the competition. Those eligible to participate are asked to sign-up at the contest table set-up at Key Club International Convention.

2017 Key Club oratory topic

The three domains of the Key Club experience are Heart to Serve, Call to Lead and Courage to Engage. How do these domains shape the membership experience for a Key Clubber?

Talent contestants performing with music

  • Individuals performing to music should prepare music selections on a jump drive or CD. The song on the jump drive or CD should start at the appropriate point in the music for the performance to start.
  • Music played from a smart phone can't be used in the session, so it will not be accepted for tryouts or final performances. Please take time to save the needed music selection, starting at the appropriate time, to a jump drive or CD prior to entering the Key Club International talent competition or you will not be able to try out or be considered as a talent performance for the recognition session.

Talent contestants playing piano

  • Individuals planning to play a piece on the piano. An 88 key keyboard with weighted keys and pedals will be provided for both the audition and the stage performance.

All Contest Forms

Recognition Programs for Individuals

Key of Honor

The Key of Honor is the highest recognition award presented by the Key Club International Board. The recipient shall be either an individual who has made a lifelong positive impact upon youth in general and Key Club specifically or an organization that should be so honored for a long term-support of youth and Key Club program. Nomination criteria can be found in the Key Club Guidebook and nominations must be received by the Key Club International office on or before the first Friday following January 5 of each year.

Nininger Medal

The Sandy Nininger Medal is to be given for special merit only to high school students. Order the recognition package, including certificate, background history, folder and Sandy Nininger medal through the Key Club store.

Scholarship Information

Kiwanis Children's Fund Scholarships

The Kiwanis Children's Fund is thrilled to offer several 2017 scholarship opportunities. These amazing awards are offered exclusively to Key Club members.

Finding other scholarship opportunities

One of the first places Key Club members can look for additional scholarships is at the district level. Each Key Club district is in charge of its own scholarship application process and distribution of funds. Visit your district website to see what's available.

Check the Key Club International website News feed and the member E-newsletter for announcements about scholarship opportunities. If you're not receiving the weekly Key Club E-newsletter you can subscribe here.

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