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Stanford graduate school medicine

stanford graduate school medicine

Facts & Figures

Academic Community

Full-time Faculty
Basic science: 136
Clinical science: 1,812
Total: 1,948

Student Enrollment
MD candidates*: 383
MD/PhD candidates: 90
PhD candidates: 786
MS candidates: 75
Postdoctoral scholars: 1,158
Residents & clinical fellows: 1,006

* Note: number excludes the MD/PhD candidates

Faculty Excellence

Total NIH funding (2013)
5,104,246 - The highest funding per researcher ratio in the country
7 current Nobel Prize winners
31 members of the National Academy of Sciences

Stanford - of. School University Medical Education Graduate


  1. Tavovojo

    Sunday, May 21st, the School of Dental Medicine will celebrate the Class of 2017 during their commencement. Congratulations Class of 2017!

  2. Vogolel

    You went to The Andrews School of Medicine?

  3. Pakeboceyesol

    : Pediatric Position at School of Medicine in the Beautiful Rio Grande Valley!

  4. Gomiqor

    When the world is silent, even one voice is powerful. ~ Valarie Montgomery Rice, MD, FACOG, President/Dean Morehouse School of Medicine

  5. Xovekikonive

    Turkey barbecue w school of medicine students staff and faculty was great!

  6. Jogumefacih

    My favorite was the I didn"t go to journalism school as if it"s a badge of honor, I never studied medicine but let me cure u

  7. Zofuxizak

    Thank you ( Northlands Medicine Hat ) for your donation! 60 of these for our golfers!

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