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Times newspaper archive gift

An original newspaper from the day of someones birth makes a truly wonderful and thoughtful gift! We, at Prezzybox have access to a humongous historic newspaper archive - one of the largest in the world! The archive spans over 350 years from all the way back to 1642. The best thing about this archive is that is contains exclusively, carefully preserved, original editions. No modern-day cheap reprints; these are the real McCoy.

This is one of those gifts that will say a lot about you as a gift giver. A genuine newspaper from a special day is a perfect way to mark a special occasion and will show them just how much thought and effort you've put into the gift.

Our collection contains all the best known daily & Sunday national newspapers from the era. It will usually be the Times that we send you, however if this is unavailable we will choose an alternative such as Telegraph, Guardian, Scotsman, Express, Mirror, Mail, Sun or Sketch.

Your paper will arrive in a protective tube.


  • Date required
  • Preferred newspaper

Please Note:

  • Headlines may not be suitable for all occasions.
  • Due to rarity, some notable dates in history only available on request at an additional cost. If your choice of date or title is not available you will be called by a sales advisor at the archive storage location who will be able to offer you further options. All Sunday papers will incur an extra charge of £20, regardless of age.
  • This item will be personalised exactly as you have written so please double check spelling, punctuation and use of capital letters.
  • Personalised products can only be returned if they are faulty.

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  1. Vetosusejex

    Does anyone know why or indeed HOW Newspaper Archive"s search function died a death? Results are a fraction of what they were.

  2. Girojipupelo

    Cambridge hero former mayoress of Cambridge Catherine Tillyard tipped off Puffles. Via British Newspaper Archive

  3. Kogonumoruho

    I have access to a newspaper archive CJ

  4. Welayobemay

    Inauguration of world class film archive soon -

  5. Racijitaboge

    Archive a newspaper by samchesslercvms

  6. Jivecoyosoko

    A clip from the City of London"s Newspaper from 1976, celebrating the success of CoL"s libraries! That"s us in the middle!

  7. Lakeqiqo

    That"s right, I"m doing newspaper archive banter. Today"s banter is from the Daily Express, 1953

  8. Fojiqevi

    Lovely to see a newspaper clip from 1976, celebrating libraries

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