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Writing topics on crime

By Adrian Tennant Students are introduced to the topic of crime in this instalment of Adrian Tennant’s Topics series. The lesson is available at two language levels (Pre-intermediate and Intermediate +) and gives students practice in reading,

05 12

Writing exercises for esl intermediate

writing exercises for esl intermediate Present Simple and Plural Activities Present Simple and Plural Activities./Grammar Online Test I hope you will like teaching these grammar topics with my online exercises. Have fun! Level: elementaryAge: 9-100Author:Victoria-LadybugFullscreen

05 03

Ideas for writing a story book

ideas for writing a story book Description If you like writing, you don't have to worry about the creative blocks or the fear of the blank page anymore. Thanks to "iDeas for Writing", you will always carry with you a whole writing workshop with creative triggers and exercises to

05 12

Dialogue writing in english exercises

Write at least six lines of dialogue. Writing Dialogue – Typically. Get FREE English Worksheets In Your Email. Creative writing dialogue exercises. WritingExercises.co.uk. English Language Exercises Exercises for students of English as a Foreign

05 04

Pet writing exercises online

pet writing exercises online PET Writing Practice - Part 1 - Sentence Transformations (classwork from ) Test 1 Free PET Writing Practice: task 3, writing a letter to a friend about the sort of music you like PET Writing (Part 1) - These sentences are similar to the transformations

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Write 9 25 as a decimal

write 9 25 as a decimal Read and Write Decimals Unit 12 > Lesson 2 of 12 In the last lesson, you were introduced to decimal numbers. Decimal places change by a factor of 10. For example, let's look at the number 3,247.8956 below. 3 x 1000

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Creative writing group exercises

creative writing group exercises Sample Exercises Here are some ‘taster’ activities from early parts of Creative Writing (A215) on ways of stimulating imagination and on writing fiction. The purpose of this set of exercises is to develop your powers of observation and memory so

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Lesson plan about descriptive writing

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