05 01

What should i write reason for leaving

Employers will often ask for the reason why you left each previous job next to the position listing on job applications. As with all job search documents, you need to avoid telling any lies while allowing yourself the benefit of the doubt. Always try

05 12

Letter writing format resignation

letter writing format resignation Credit: GaudiLab/shutterstock If you're quitting your job, don't walk out the door without submitting a formal letter of resignation to your supervisor. A resignation letter may seem like a chore, but many employers require it as part of the exit

05 01

Admission process for junior college in mumbai

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA (FOR ADMISSION TO FYJC (VOCATIONAL) CLASS)   All the students who have passed the SSC examination or its equivalent examination from Maharashtra Board or any other Board recognised by the Government of Maharashtra are

02 23

How to write a blog in irish leaving cert

how to write a blog in irish leaving cert theleavingcert.com as michael2010. It was purely a moment of impulse that I applied to be on the blogging team for 2010/2011. I had never even visited theleavingcert.com that much before and honestly I didn’t think some of the other bloggers had much