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An essay on john dewey

an essay on john dewey

Summary of Dewey's Biography

(adapted from the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia (1991) - Columbia University Press)

  • Born 1859, Burlington, Vermont, USA. Died 1952.
  • American philosopher and regarded as the foremost educator of his day.
  • Major books include
    • "Democracy and Education" (1916)
    • "Logic" (1938)
    • "Experience and Education" (1938).
  • Had a profound impact on progressive education
  • Rejected authoritarian teaching methods.
  • His educational theories were permeated by his primary ethical value of democracy.
  • Regarded education in a democracy as a tool to enable the citizen to integrate his or her culture and vocation usefully.
  • To accomplish these aims, Dewey said radical reform was need of both pedagogical methods and curricula.
  • He lectured all over the world and prepared educational surveys for Turkey, Mexico, and the Soviet Union.

Summary of Dewey's Philosophy of Instrumentalism

  • Dewey's philosophy was called instrumentalism (related to pragmatism).
  • Instrumentalism believes that truth is an instrument used by human beings to solve their problems.
  • Since problems change, then so must truth.
  • Since problems change, truth changes, and therefore there can be no eternal reality.


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