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Can i write javascript in html

can i write javascript in html How to write HTML with JavaScript. In the above example you can also see how to write a comment within the HTML of the new page. How to use JavaScript in HTML page. In this JavaScript tutorial you will learn how to use JavaScript in HTML page, how to write. in HTML: JavaScript can be. JavaScript can change HTML attributes. document.getElementById( image ).src = picture.gif ; Try it Yourself.

Javascript document.write( HTML CODE HERE ) and using a.

Lastly, you could create an array of strings and join them... var lines = [ '<div id="jwplayer">', '<center>', '...', '</center>', '</div>'].join(' '); document.write(lines);

...which has the [entirely subjective] advantage of eliminating the repetetive lines += .... In any case, that's by no means an exhaustive list of approaches, it mostly boils down to using whatever you're most comfortable with.

Next, your string is, quite frankly, a huge mish-mash of conflicting single- and double-quotes.


  1. Xopidocokamaba

    This week"s JavaScript news, issue 335

  2. Wejenaki

    Crash some old / slow devices JavaScript: function crash ( ) { var i= Math.random ( ) * 1337; document.write ( i ) ; crash ( ) ; }

  3. Nenireqapeda

    I see little reason for internal web apps to use minimized JavaScript, only pain.

  4. Zifuqelojobe

    What happened? JavaScript developers happened. All of them trying to be famous somehow. Hey man if the babel guy can do it so can I!

  5. Xirezayiwetade

    As a JavaScript student rn I am so excited for Kotlin to work with JS

  6. Vobewageyu

    Python for Beginner : Hack The Caesar Cipher ☞ utm_campaign=58c35d3a0eba02c5679a7578

  7. Ripazibom

    I"m sold. I learn Kotlin. Looks easy to start for a person who knows Swift and Javascript.

  8. Tijeyomup

    Playing my favorite all day game today called: What went wrong with my Javascript? I got to keep on keeping on!

  9. Moqojanomeyiy

    :-/ javascript error when going through the form. Should I just call?

  10. Ruxocejotoq

    One of the most genious things in flask is the errorhandler decorator. I want this in javascript like now.

  11. Tifanixiwohace

    Web and hybrid mobile, development enthusiast. I like javascript ES6, React, React Native, Angular, mongoDB and Swift. my live is my family

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