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Career assignment for high school

career assignment for high school

Career Theory Development Of High School Students.

English 9--Career Project Assignment

Career Paper


The assignment--You will also receive a copy of this list which you will fill in with the information from the web. I must receive this copy plus your rough draft of your paper.


Career Paper ___ Name_______________________

The assignment Name_____________________________

Each student is to research a career and write a 750-900 word report on that career.

 Due Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The report is to address the following areas: Fill out this form in your own words based on your research and turn it in to me with the paper.


· Give a description of the job and the duties of the job.





· Where can a person do that job?


· What training is needed for the job?



· Where can one get that training? Name a specific school and its location.




· How much will that training cost?



· Are added training or requirements needed to keep that job.


· Discuss high school skills or classes that would be helpful to you if you want to do this job at a later date.



· What is the job outlook nationally?


· What is the job outlook for this job in South Dakota?


· Are there any specific skills required?


· What salary can you expect?


· Are there any other points of information that would be useful to a person considering this career? 




1. After researching the career, speak briefly about your feelings about the career based on what you have learned from your research. (ie, would I go into this career based on what I have learned?)

2. The work must be in 12 point, Times New Roman, double space, 1 inch margins---all the information located in the writing handbook.

3. The paper must be typed.

4. No pictures are required.

5. A cover is required. The cover must include the name of the career, your name, English 9 and your name.

6. The worksheet must be turned in with your work.

7. The rough draft must be turned in with the paper.

8. The paper must be bound in some way when it is turned in—staples, etc. Loose papers at the last minute will result in a 50 point reduction.

9. PROOFREAD YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. You must turn in the rough draft of your paper. This was precipitated by some people who thought this assignment was copy and paste. That is called cheating.

11. Save a copy on a disk or the computer in case of loss, etc.

12. Copied papers or papers that do not give proper credit for quoted materials will receive 0’s.

13. All writing must be in complete sentences.

14. You may quote people by using proper quotation form but you may not turn this into a cut/paste or copy/paste project or a typing lesson. (For instance, you may say, “According to _________in his book, __________, “The moon is made of green cheese.”) Students who do not give credit to the writers for their words will not receive credit for any of the paper. There will be no do-overs and the 0 will stand as your grade.

15. Papers are due on Tuesday, January 6, 2009. Plagiarism will result in an immediate 0 for the work.

16. Yes, there is an early bird bonus of up to 50 points at the rate of 10 points per school day for work turned in early for up to 5 days early. 

Great sources of information:

Occupational Outlook Handbook--http://www.bls.gov/oco/

Bureau of Labor Statistics--http://www.bls.gov/


bullet Check your career interests and maybe use that as a starting point for your writing.
bullet Check the attached rubric and the information that will be needed to complete your work.
bullet This is required for all students.
bullet You are being graded for your writing and your researching. Hopefully you are also going to get more information on what may or may not become your permanent career.

Student name_______________________________

Date presented_____________________________

Cover :

Neatness 10__________________

Well-Organized 10__________________

Spelling, grammar, 20___________________


Margins, typestyle, font size, etc. maintained 25____________________

Proofread 25_____________________



Salaries—ranges 10_____________

Education—training--including high school classes 15_____________

Where to obtain the training 10______________

Description of Job 15______________

Cost of the education 10______________

Licensing and continuing ed. 10______________

Job outlook 10______________

Personal opinion 10______________

Neatness 20______________

Grammar and spelling 25______________

Credit for authors 20______________

Organization 20______________

Pictures—optional 10______________

Worksheet—required 25______________

Overall presentation 25______________

Early bird bonus ___________


Criterion—A separate grade of 1-100 points. (Depends on changes made.)




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