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Contract law uk essay

contract law uk essay An unknowing party can enter into a contract without being fully aware of the implications. The development of legislation such as the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and the various Consumer Credit Acts have all evolved from the basic principles of contract law and the principle of putting the parties on as equal a playing field as possible.

Where is Contract Law used today?

As was mentioned above on several occasions, contract law permeates our day-to-day lives, and often we are not aware of its presence. While legally qualified individuals may be aware every time a contract comes into existence and note phrases such as “the customer uses this at their own risk” with a wry smile, the majority of society lives in blissful ignorance of how deeply indebted to contract law they are.
In the first instance it would be a useful exercise to list a few of the various instances of contract law coming into play when we may not expect it.

  • Public Transport – every ticket bought on a bus train or on the underground forms a contract.


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