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Discursive essay on cosmetic surgery

Best Answer: Plastic Surgery?
Very good, you got one of the issues done. Here some thoughts you may want to consider.

* Not all who have cosmetic surgery done, do it for the reason of fitting into the beauty picture of society or because of psychological problems.
* Some had an accident and are happy to find reconstruction of their body.
* Some were boin with a disfigurement, e.g. a cleft lip.
* Some greatly suffered from teasing, e.g. for a big hook nose. They may find relief.
* Some feel that they need cosmetic surgery to stay in business, e.g. as a model or actor/actress.
You may find more reasons.

* The dangers of cosmetic surgery e.g. are: the result is not to the contentment of the patient; the side effects, e.g. of silicon breast implants, are high and can be deadly; pain can remain for years to come; implanted plastic parts may cause problems; etc.

It is always best to weigh the pros and the cons before deciding on plastic surgery: will the results outweigh the disadvantages?

Just as a side thought:
In general, a brain storming is the first step, writing all ideas down that come to mind without any judgment. Then sorting out the ideas, organizing the ones to be used into segments, ordering the segments and then writing the paragraphs.

The organizing work before writing is essential, saves a lot of time (outline, table of content) and help to focus the paragraophs on one issue to avoid unnecessary repeat.

You made a great start! You could integrate more ideas and organize them to make sense for a good reading.

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Argumentative Essay Against Cosmetic Surgery


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