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Electric typewriter craigslist

electric typewriter craigslist


  1. Liyowicogure

    My sister went on Craigslist and convinced a sketchy man to meet her in a parking lot at a National Park so that he could sell her an antique typewriter that doesn’t work but looks so cool for my Christmas gift and if that’s not the true meaning of Christmas idk what is

  2. Xejaregiqog

    Typewriter= $20 on Craigslist •••Kids’ reactions to a REAL TYPE-THINGY= priceless.

  3. Duponew

    Electric typewriter - portable, AT T 6100 ( Factoria ) Free Stuff Seattle-Tacoma Craigslist

  4. Jiwolesuro

    Gonna save up some money and buy a typewriter off craigslist

  5. Diyozuva

    I haven"t done a typewriter craigslist search in a while but I just did and my god the $ ppl r asking is hilarious

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