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English 2nd paper dialogue writing

english 2nd paper dialogue writing

English Second paper

Grammar : Questions 1 to 8.
Follow previous board questions and practice.

Paragraph :

Load- shedding, Traffic jam, Tree Plantation, Your visit to a historical place, Natural Disasters in Bangladesh, Your college library/magazine, Your visit to a book fair, Digital Bangladesh / Vision 2021, Mobile phone, Price -hike, Eve-teasing, An ideal student, A winter morning, A Birthday/ Wedding Ceremony.

Composition Writing
Tree Plantation / Aforestation, Childhood Memories, Students and Social Services, Unemployment Problem, Exciting Cricket / Football Match You
ve Enjoyed, Population explosion in Bangladesh, Wonders of Modern Science, Child Labour in Bangladesh, Female education, A journey that you have enjoyed recently

1. To the chairman for constructing a bridge / road / culvert
2. To the principal for a study tour / debating club/ literary club/ staging drama / canteen /common room / cultural function
3. To the newspaper editor on mosquito problem / load shedding / price hike / garbage management / traffic jam
4.CV/ Bio-data / Resume for the post of-.
5. To the Principal for testimonial
6. To the Principal for a seat in the hostel.

Dialogue Writing :

Watching satellite television and its effects, Preparation for the Test / HSC Exam, Dangers of smoking/ acid-throwing/ Unemployment problem/ Population problem, How to open a bank account, Exciting cricket / football match youve enjoyed, Doctor and patient / Teacher and student, High price of all commodities, Customer and shopkeeper, Importance of newspaper / internet / English / travelling / computer.

Story Writing :
1. The golden touch (King Midas)
2. Two friends and bear in the jungle
3. Hare and tortoise
4. A thirsty crow
s drinking from a jar
5. A sleeping lion and the little mouse
6. The woodcutter and the water-goddess
7. The wisdom of King Solomon.


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