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Healthy school lunch survey

How can students better understand the factors involved in planning school meals and gather information that can assist their district's food services program to increase healthful eating and reduce waste?

In this solution-oriented lesson, students conduct a school lunch survey to gather ideas and then present recommendations for improving their school district's lunch offerings.

Grade Level: 6–8

School Lunch Survey cover

Key Concepts: A survey is a tool for learning people's opinions and gathering data on a topic. Offering ideas and solutions is a means to help resolve issues in a community. By looking for ways to provide more appealing school lunches and a better dining experience, students can help schools boost learning, increase healthful eating, and reduce waste at the same time. It is often important to understand the complexities of a system you want to change.

Estimated Time: Two or three 50-minute periods, plus time to distribute the survey

Download School Lunch Survey PDF [1.4mb]

A Smart by Nature® downloadable resource

PDF Parents Survey - school lunches - Oxclose Primary


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