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History gcse past papers treaty of versailles

history gcse past papers treaty of versailles Past papers; For teachers; Home GCSE History GCSE OCR History - The Treaty of Versailles. OCR GCSE History Core 1 Reactions to the Treaty of Versailles. Past papers; For teachers; Home. Home GCSE History The Treaty Of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles was a dictated peace as Germany was. This GCSE and IGCSE History revision podcast focuses on the terms and effects of the Treaty of Versailles. In this IGCSE and GCSE History revision podcast.

4, 6 and 10 mark questions on the Treaty of Versailles.

The first part of the podcast deals with Hitler’s aims: abolish the Treaty of Versailles, expand German territory, and remove the threat of communism. It explains how his policies were designed to fulfill these aims. Key actions from the first years of Hitler’s Chancellorship that are described include: rearmament, remilitarisation of the Rhineland, his role in the Spanish Civil War, and Anschluss with Austria.

The podcast then goes on to assess appeasement. Arguments in favour of, and against, the policy of appeasement are presented. This is followed by an explanation of the Sudetenland Crisis, the Munich Agreement and the Nazi-Soviet Pact. The views of historians are considered.

This episode concludes with a brief explanation of how to answer an examination question on this topic.


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