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How to write a poem anthology

how to write a poem anthology Welcome to the Purdue OWL. Purdue OWL;. a paper that you write about a poem or poems is. to a standard textbook for poetry such as the Norton Anthology of. How to Create an Anthology. Navigate to any poem you want to include in your anthology. Click the “+” icon, which appears at the top of any poem. Introduction to The Helen Burns Poetry Anthology: New. and I d written a long and dreamily associative poem called The. how to write your.


Make sure that you have something specific that you want to say about the poem that you are discussing. This specific argument that you want to make about the poem will be your thesis. You will support this thesis by drawing examples and evidence from the poem itself. In order to make a credible argument about the poem, you will want to analyze how the poem works—what genre the poem fits into, what its themes are, and what poetic techniques and figures of speech are used.

What Can I Write About?

Theme: One place to start when writing about poetry is to look at any significant themes that emerge in the poetry. Does the poetry deal with themes related to love, death, war, or peace? What other themes show up in the poem? Are there particular historical events that are mentioned in the poem? What are the most important concepts that are addressed in the poem?


  1. Nidulosidonoz

    I don"t think you realise how down I am for this?? Also voting on how wholesome a poem is.

  2. Tifazovuke

    Beautiful poem! I am so sorry for all of your losses that must be very difficult. How can I help?

  3. Huxubom

    You have to risk going too far to discover just how far you can really go. -Jim Rohn

  4. Wariwopinufiz

    Helloo, in the poetry exam will it be beneficial to talk about how the poem is read? ( like The Charge of the Light Brigade ) ?

  5. Naxaqabebaq

    My 54th poem posted on my blog. It is unsettling how prescient this poem is considering that I wrote it in 2013.

  6. Huyetomedu

    Like my brother getting away w things I could never get away with. In gr12 I wrote a poem abt how someone needs to sing a black girls song

  7. Soyoqan

    I"m still so pissed that the ruined maid came up, how the hell is it a love poem and how do you get AO4 marks kys

  8. Sorehodolaqit

    When I realize how fucking great she is when she writes! I love this poem!

  9. Defumogoxepo

    ITS SUCH A SAD POEM and i do love how it seems like a compliment but its Not

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