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How to write a representative speech

how to write a representative speech

Writing a speech for the student council

A student council can help you study in school, but to get there, you need to try hard. You need to prepare a good speech and get into a good audience.

Writing a speech for the student council

Think it over. Why do you want to join the student council? What will you do when you join the student council? Consider all these questions. If you can not answer them, it means that you should not join the student council.

Write down your ideas. It's best to write down the answers to questions that you think you might be asked. For example, write how wonderful the school will become when you become a member of the student council, what you want to achieve, how the council will be able to implement your ideas, etc.

Start writing a speech. Start with what you want to join the student council. Then, name the reasons why you want to join the student council, and tell me what you plan to do once you are accepted. Try to add a few jokes to revitalize your speech. The public likes a good sense of humor. Look at the performances of comedians and politicians.

Make a conclusion, saying: "Thank you for attention and, please, vote for me."Read it all out loud. How does this sound? Would you like to change something? Reread the speech and correct the mistakes you made.

Ask someone to say evenly what he thinks about your speech. Ask, would they vote for you?

Re-read the speech. You might want to write a speech on a separate sheet of paper.

Try to mention things that will surely appeal to your classmates. For example: celebrating Halloween, school dances, themed evenings, or even charity. After all, you can talk to your teacher about what she / he thinks about it.


Promise to do only what you CAN do actually. Do not tell everyone that you will put automatic doors if you can not do it. Be honest!

Proclaiming a speech, do not say things like: "Do not vote for (the name of this person). He/she is crazy! ». This will ruin your chances of winning.

Look for advice on experienced resources, such as "Speech for student performances."

It is also important to know that you can always turn to the professionals who can write for you the perfect speech.

It's normal to be nervous. Inhale and exhale before you start talking. Remember that none of those present do know that you are nervous. Think about your goals and continue.

Proclaim your speech, look into the eyes of those present, and also, use hand movements.

Watch a video of how other people's speeches look.

Ask people what they would like to have in mind when you become a member of the student council.


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