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Western governors university fafsa school code

western governors university fafsa school code Applying for Financial Aid - Western Governors University

Applying for Financial Aid - Washington University - WGU.

School Western FAFSA for code University Governors -

FAFSA Deadlines 2013-14

Federal Deadline

Federal FAFSA applications must be submitted online no later than midnight June 30, 2014 (Central Time). Corrections or updates can be submitted no later than midnight September 24, 2014 (Central Time).

Utah State Deadline

Check with your financial aid administrator.

Western Governors University FAFSA Deadline

Each college or university may have a deadline of its own for submitting FAFSA applications. Contact the school you are attending to find out more. Also, be sure to ask whether their definition of the deadline refers to the date they receive your FAFSA or the date your FAFSA is processed.

Western Governors University Financial Aid Information

Financial aid is available to those who qualify, and there are many forms of aid offered to university and college students including student loans, student grants, scholarships and even student aid from the military. Below are percentages of students at Western Governors University receiving financial aid in several reported categories:

Undergraduate Students
Receiving Financial Aid:


Average Amount of Annual
Financail Aid Received:


Percentage of Students
Receiving Federal Grant Aid:


Average Amount of Federal
Grant Aid Received:


Percentage of Students
Receiving Federal Pell Grant Aid:


Average Amount of Federal
Pell Grant Aid Received:


Western Governors University Financial Aid Website:


Financial Aid for College

Seeking financial aid to pay for college may be easier than you think. Discover sources, ideas and advice for finding and applying for college financial aid.

Top Articles for College Financial Aid:
>> College Financial Aid Basics
>> U.S. Undergraduate Students Receiving Financial Aid
>> U.S. Undergraduate Students Receiving Grant Aid
>> FAFSA Deadlines

Community Statistics

Median Household Income:
,440 (State Avg: ,726)

Median Home Value:
7,400 (State Avg: 6,100)

Median Year Homes Built:
1972 (State Avg: 1976)

Residents Living Below Poverty Level:
10% (State Avg: 11%)

Source: US Census 2000 (Zip code: 84107)


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