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What can you write off on taxes for breastfeeding

what can you write off on taxes for breastfeeding There are some instances where you can use pet costs as a tax write-off. taxes. 6 pet-related tax. 6 pet-related tax write-offs. Tax tips for pregnancy. You can deduct the cost of getting ready to have your. to cover the cost of breastfeeding supplies. If you don’t. A Breastfeeding Deduction, And Other Tax. you can basically shave up to a grand off what you. Breastfeeding Breastfeeding Taxes Breastfeeding IRS. That breast pump may have cost you a pretty penny, but here’s a reminder for moms and their families when doing taxes this season: You may be able to.

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Tax Write-Offs for Pet Owners - Can You Deduct Fido.

Here are three to look into, or ask your tax pro about:

The breastfeeding supplies deduction.

Since 2011, the Internal Revenue Service has granted breastfeeding mothers a tax break on breastfeeding equipment. Women who have a flexible spending account (FSA) can use pre-tax dollars to help cover the cost of breast pumps, as well as "supplies that assist lactation." Women who don't have an FSA are able to deduct breastfeeding supply costs if -- and this is a biggie -- their out-of-pocket medical costs for the year exceed 10 percent of their income.

That definitely means the deduction is simply out for a lot of mamas. But given how expensive birth is in this country -- even with insurance -- it's hardly rare for a woman to go over that 10 percent figure in the year her baby's born, especially if her income is lower because she cut back her hours or took an unpaid leave, Melissa Labant, director of tax advocacy for The American Institute of CPAs, told The Huffington Post.

What counts as "supplies"? Breast pumps and pump rentals certainly do. Beyond that, things are open to a bit of interpretation because the IRS doesn't go into much detail.


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