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Write an essay on the cascade mechanisms of the complement system

In the 2007 study, his team showed that the earliest sign of the disease was the activation of the complement cascade at synapses.
Serum contains about 7-10% total protein and this protein component contains all of the factors involved in the complement cascade including antibodies and serum proteins.
The complement cascade has been implicated in the destruction of red blood cells, or hemolysis, characteristic of PNH, as PNH blood cells are deficient in natural inhibitors of the complement cascade.
One hundred and seventy-eight ethanolic plant extracts from the pharmacopoeia of the Tacana, an ethnic group from Bolivia, were screened for immunomodulatory activity using complement cascade inhibition and ADP-induced platelet aggregation inhibition assays.
CHICAGO -- Selective inhibition of the complement cascade for 24 hours markedly reduced mortality after acute MI in a large phase II clinical trial.
The deposition of autoantibodies occurs as a result of the activation of the complement cascade, which leads sequentially to chemotaxis of inflammatory cells, degranulation, fibroblast activation, cicatrization, and fibrosis.
The first of these is in cardiac surgery where AVANT focuses on compounds with the potential to inhibit inappropriate activation of the complement cascade, a vital part of the body's immune defense system.
Alexion says its C5 inhibitors are specific and potent recombinant anti-inflammatory drugs which are designed to intervene in the complement cascade.
These include both nonspecific [or innate] immune defense mechanisms, such as the complement cascade, and adaptive elements, such as clonally derived lymphocytes capable of eliminating specific targets [2]).
In addition to Fovista, Ophthotech's pipeline also includes an anti-C5 agent, ARC1905, a potent and selective inhibitor of factor C5 of the complement cascade being developed for the treatment of dry AMD.
By acting centrally in the complement cascade we believe that APL-2 provides a unique opportunity to better understand the mechanisms that might modify this difficult disease.
Nature Biotechnology, 25, 1159-1164, 2007): degradable polymeric nanoparticles are designed that: (i) are so small that they can enter the lymphatic circulation by biophysical means; (ii) are efficiently taken up by a large fraction of dendritic cells (DCs) that are resident in the lymph node that drains the injection site; (iii) activate the complement cascade and provide a potent, yet safe, activation signal to those DCs; and (iv) thereby induce a potent, Th1 adaptive immune response to antigen bound to the nanoparticles, with the generation of both antibodies and cytotoxic T lymphocytes.

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    I specifically look at glia - primarily astrocytes, hoping to better understand the mechanisms behind good v. bad inflammation.

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    Indeed--the field is lucky to show *any* mechanism, let alone common mechanisms.

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