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Academic writing english

academic writing english

(Pre)Master students whose general English skills are sufficient (CEF level B2) and who want to improve their Academic Writing Skills in English.

This 5 ECTS course aims to provide participants with training in the skills necessary to write several short academic texts, such as a problem-solution text, an introduction to a research report, a data commentary based on a set of given data, and a summary.

To develop these skills, the course focuses on (1) the features of academic writing, (2) academic vocabulary, (3) grammar necessary to write academic texts, and (4) improving readability of your writing strategies.

Throughout the course students are given short writing assignments on which formative feedback is received from classmates (during a peer review session) and from the course instructor. The course is finally assessed by means of an exam with two writing tasks.

The course comprises 8 sessions of 4 hours each. In addition to class time, you’ll require an additional 6-7 hours per week for self-study and homework.


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