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Body fat essay

body fat essay

Charlotte Riceman

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Introduction 3A: What Childhoodobesity is and reasonswhy it might exist4 - 10B: What ChildhoodInactivity is and reasonswhy it might exist10 - 14C: The relationshipbetween Childhoodobesity and inactivity15 - 18D: If and why childhoodobesity and inactivity areissues for New ZealandSociety and what theimpact on society mightbe18 - 23E: What are possiblesolutions; How mightthese solutions beactioned; What might thepossible implications beof the results of theaction now and in thefuture24 - 28F: What influencescurrently exist that willhelp the solution/s towork and what influencesmight make it difficult tobe successful29 - 33Conclusion 34



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