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Chemistry coursework example

Chemistry; GCSE: Chemistry. Browse by. Category: Aqueous Chemistry (1,323) Changing Materials - The Earth and its Atmosphere (218) Classifying Materials (306. GCSE Chemistry Coursework: Investigating the rate of a reaction. GCSE Chemistry Coursework: Investigating the rate of a reaction Author: Ian McDaid Chemistry can be divided into branches according to either the substances studied or the types of study conducted. Based on the substances studied, it is ramified. Chemistry GCSE Coursework. An example of a fast reaction is an explosion. Chemistry Rate of Reaction Coursework for Calcium Carbonate and Hydrochloric Acid Just wondering if anyone has or knows where I could find some example salters investigations, mainly the plan. If it was aspirin related that would be a bo.

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This energy is called the "Activation Energy" or Ea. When we increase the temperature we give the particles more energy which: 1) Makes them move faster which In turn makes them collide with each other more often. ...read more.

The reactant Sodium Biocarbonate The reactant / only used for pilot test Gas Syringe To measure the amount of Hydrogen released Bung To make sure no Hydrogen escapes Thermometer To measure the temperature Timer To time the experiment Goggles To protect my eyes Paper Towels To absorb any spilt acid Method: 1.

... they can clearly show the general trend of the effect of changing that factor or variable, highlighting experimental 'runs' that don't seem to fit the pattern of the other sets of results for the other runs, individual points that don't seem the pattern of a particular sets of results - BUT ITS UP TO YOU
  • Ideally you should plot the average(*) corrected gas volumes on the y axis and time on the x axis - what should the origin be? (* May depend on the consistency of your results).
    • For the hydrochloric acid - sodium thiosulphate reaction you can plot either (i) reaction time, or (ii) 1/time versus a concentration or temperature (1/time = relative rate of reaction).
  • Electrical components utilize metals, such as copper and aluminum to transmit the electrical signal. Copper and aluminum are elements from the periodic table. Ceramics are also used in the electrical components that are usually made up of zinc oxides, magnesium carbonate, silicates, silicon oxides, aluminum oxides, etc ("The Important of Chemistry in Computer Technology"). All these compounds are characterized as the chemicals. They are made through chemical processes in…

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    topic in Environmental Chemistry

    2). They are usually made of 60-90 different congeners. PCBs with high number of chlorine tend to be more stable and resistant to biodegradation and favored by many industries, thus higher health and environmental risks. It is used by industries as insulation fluid in capacitors, transformers and electrical systems.

    The molarity of a substance refers to the quantitative expression of the concentration of a substance, which can be determined by titration (Tro 20). In the determination of the molarity, a known substance whose concentration is not known is called an analyte, and the other known substance whose concentration and molarity is known is called the titrant. The titration process is based on a chemical formula used to determine the molarity of a substance, where the elements in formula are…

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    Chemistry and the Environment

    Nitrogen and oxygen predominantly comprise the Earth’s atmosphere at approximately 78.1% and 20.9% respectively while there exists trace amounts of certain elements as argon, water vapor, and carbon dioxide to account for the remaining 1%. Negligible quantities of dust, volcanic ash, and other particulates in solid form are also present in the atmosphere with the main gases to facilitate the formation of clouds.

    . do any of the sets of results not fit in with the others?, do most/all sets of results fit a pattern?, are there any particular points that don't fit the pattern? (anomalies), can some results be ignored in drawing your conclusion(s)? if so, which results and why? QUOTE DIRECTLY - WITH REFERENCE TO YOUR GRAPH(s)
  • Discuss possible sources of error which might lead to inconsistent results i.e. points or sets of results that don't fit the pattern AND how could the method be improved to minimise these sources of error ... e.g. chip size? ,temperature or pressure checks for each experiment? dead volume?, ? gas syringe operation? draughts? where these or any other factor OK? in other words how suitable was the method overall?
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