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Essay of republic day in punjabi

essay of republic day in punjabi

26th of January 1950 was the day when India got its own constitution and became biggest democratic nation of the world. Since then this day has been celebrated as national festival and called as Republic day of India. In this essay we have provided, not only the glimpse of Republic day celebration but also interesting images for attraction of kids.

Republic Day of India

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India is the world's biggest democratic nation. Though India got freedom against British rule on 15th of August 1947, but till 1950 we do not have our own law and order to follow. The 26th of January 1950, was the dawn of world's biggest democracy, when we got our own constitution and India became a republic nation. From then on, this day has been declared as a national festival of India and we celebrate this day as Republic Day of India. The word republic means a country that is ruled by people, elected by the the people of that nation.

Today we have completed 65 years with our own constitution and proud to be a part of the world's biggest democracy. This is our privilege that we are the citizens of a secular nation. Our constitution provides us freedom to travel anywhere in India, freedom to adopt any religion we like to follow, we can arrange public meeting; we can express and share our thoughts etc. Being a citizen of a democratic nation, we not only have many rights but also many responsibilities to carry out.

Republic day celebration

On 26th January of every year, we celebrate our Republic day. This is India's national festival and also declared as national holiday. On the eve of Republic day, cultural programmes are arranged in school, colleges and different public places. Political and social meeting also arranged for considering social and national issues. National flag is furled not only at government offices but also at public places. National anthem beats inspire the countrymen with feelings of patriotism.

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The main attraction of Republic day is the special Republic day parade taken out at Rajpath, in front of India gate in our capital Delhi. Early in the morning people from all over India, start to gather at Rajpath to watch this parade. People, who can't go there, watch it on television. Some foreign ministers are also invited as chief guests on this occasion. Indian Prime minister with other ministers and chiefs of armed forces also arrive at Rajpath. With the arrival of Indian President and foreign chief guest, the national flag furls sky high.

The bravery awards are distributed to brave soldiers, martyrs, brave citizens and brave children. Brave children are brought by elephants on this occasion. After this Republic day parade starts with the flag march of all Indian forces. Indian president takes the salute of all Indian armed forces. Armed strength of the country has been shown in this parade. Tableau from many states of India and Union territories, are the center of attraction for everyone on this occasion. The Rashtrapati Bhawan and important government buildings are decorated with light in the evening.

How we should celebrate this festival?

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This is the festival of proud for our nation. Every countryman should participate in this occasion. We should also remember our freedom fighters on this day. This is an occasion of patriotism, unity; peace, love, proud, happiness and inspiration. We should make some principle on this occasion and try to be loyal to our duties and nation.

Here are some promises; every countryman should do to himself and nation:
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• We shall root out all evils from our society and nation.
• We shall respect our constitution
• We will always remember our freedom fighter and golden heritage of our country.
• We shall feel proud to be the part of India.
• We shall spread the spirit of united India.
• We shall root out corruption from our society.
• We shall make our people literate.
• We shall protect our national resources and save our environment.
• We shall follow principles of our great ministers.

essay of republic day in punjabi  26 January  Republic day Essay in Marathi, Punjabi.


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