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Freedom essay by shaw


George Bernard Shaw

"My conscience is the genuine pulpit article, it annoys me to see people comfortable when they ought to be uncomfortable; and I insist on making them think in order to bring them to a conviction of sin." -----Shaw.

The above quoted lines show us the uncompromising character of the man who never thought idealistically about literature, that is to say, one who never romanticized it. He considered all literature to be journalistic and his purpose was to convert the nation to his opinions. He did this in two ways: by writing plays which made people laugh up to a certain point till they realized that they were laughing at themselves, and by chastising their self -complacency with his essays and lectures. It is difficult to say whether his rather opinionated and propagandist attitude contributed much to the enrichment of his plays, for he could never reach the true heights of tragedy. Even in St. Joan, where he could do it, we find the same detached and cynical observer in the last scene, with his relentlessly attacking speeches and sharp intellect which were often confronted by adverse criticism. Yeats stated that the very face of Shaw reminded him of a sewing machine. Nevertheless, Shaw is, till date, one of the rare species of honest persons whose work came out of their firm conviction and unflinching sense of values.

Shaw was indoctrinated into socialism quite early in his life due to his contact with Sidney and Beatrice Webb and William Morris, and his reading of Marx, who, he said, "made a man of me." He was also influenced by the writings of Henry George and he brought a courageous, clear mind to the study of social problems. Like his predecessor Samuel ...

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...eem to be acceptable, at least for the time being. This is also found in many of his plays which abound in endless dialogues and in which the brilliance of logic and wit cannot hide the artificiality of the situation. But Shaw sticks to his assertiveness. "Effectiveness of assertion is the Alpha and Omega of style", says Shaw. His essay introduces us to this typically Shavian style.

To conclude, we can quote from Cazamian a few lines which show the essential characteristic of Shaw, both as a man and a writer: "His reason leads him to profess a socialism tempered with anarchy; to preach on ethics of assertive simplicity; to bring love, the family, and the future of the species under the disciplinary law of a common sense fortified with `eugenics' to turn the `Superman' into a biological and near reality."



  1. Zowukefo

    Did anyone seek this young mans freedom? Abandoned by his country!

  2. Xopajufori

    Do you mean by europe is dead the white genocide? This is not a race issue it"s about human values and freedom

  3. Mofayekipam

    Now Playing: Freedom by Noel Robinson on BAM 4G Radio TUNE in to ! We"re on iTunes!

  4. Nejewepo

    Is that why there are no real monuments, contributions, or notable global powers in Africa that weren"t built by Arabs or the White man?

  5. Holulod

    Kid broke a law I"d leave him too even if it was my own child abide by rules

  6. Xodopuremele

    And by that I include every other freedom. Of opinion, of movement, to buy and sell studd

  7. Poceyafavez

    He was kept alive by mechanics and intubation. I suspect he was long gone and the family did a humane act and stopped the machines.

  8. Retoxusupeki

    Hell yes THAT is why I enlisted after actively protesting VN for 5 yrs that freedom was bought and paid for by all who served before me pax

  9. Nalekosoka

    ( *Stands by with the holy water in the bath tub* )

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