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Good essay topics for political science

good essay topics for political science Best Academic Essay Topics For Political Science Class

7 Interesting Political Essay Topics - SelfGrowth.com

good essay topics for political science Writing a Political Science Essay - Georgetown University

If you are majoring in political sciences and want to write a term paper that stands out of the crowd, you should do your best while choosing your topic. Many students agree that they can faster come up with assignment ideas after they check sample topics, questions, issues, and arguments provided by school departments, writing centers, educational writing agencies, and other students. Political science topics should highlight important problems, raise topical questions, and develop an author’s personal opinion. You can explore several major study areas; some of them are presented below.

Political Science General Approaches

This area is interesting for those students who want to research the history of the discipline and key approaches such as principal-agent theory, rational choice, and political psychology. Some good research ideas include the following:

  • History and politics
  • Rational choice and rationality
  • Straussians
  • Political psychology
  • Systemism

Political Science Methodology

Though some topics may seem rather complicated, you can focus your research on qualitative and quantitative techniques that are commonly used, formal modeling approach and game theory in political science, and the philosophy of science. Some narrower study areas may include:

  • Evolution of political science
  • Survey research and statistical methods
  • Content analysis
  • Spatial modeling and formal theory
  • The role of experiment in political research

Comparative Political Study Topics

If you want to learn more about political violence, political development, institutions that influence international politics, civil society, political culture, or comparative methods, you should consider one of the following topics:

  • Civil wars
  • Terrorism and ethnic conflicts
  • Federalism
  • Modernization theory
  • Political conflict and resource scarcity

International Relations Areas of Interest

International relations deal with many great topics, including:

  • Foreign policy analysis
  • Realism and neorealism
  • The balance of power
  • International organizations and international law
  • Environmental policies in Europe

American Politics Study Topics

The United States has political structures and institutions that are interesting to write about. The study area also includes policy making, administration, and identity politics. Some other samples are listed below:

  • Gender and politics
  • American political parties
  • American federalism
  • Americans’ voting behavior
  • Religion and politics in the U.S.

Political Thought Research Ideas

Western political thought as well as from elsewhere in the world is interesting to study and analyze. Students can explore points of view that are not similar to the Western experience and tradition. Many fundamental political issues look differently from different points of view, which is very important to realize nowadays. Check some study directions mentioned below:

  • Islamic political thought
  • Classical liberals and neoclassical liberals
  • National socialism, nationalism, and fascism
  • Socialism in Western Europe
  • Communism in China


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    One former student working in DC this summer and another graduating student w a full ride to UT to study political science! Proud teacher!

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