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High school spanish online free

high school spanish online free

High school precedes college.La escuela secundaria precede la universidad.

I graduated from high school ten years ago.Me gradué de la escuela preparatoria hace diez años.

When did you graduate from high school?¿Cuándo te graduaste de la prepa?

There are a thousand students in the high school.En el instituto hay mil estudiantes.

High school is harder than I expected.El bachillerato es más difícil de lo que esperaba.

f. el liceo (M) (building) (Uruguay) (Venezuela)

I have to walk two blocks to the high school.Tengo que caminar dos cuadras para llegar al liceo.

I'm studying biology in high school.Estoy estudiando biología en la enseñanza media.

They need more teachers for the high school.Se necesitan más maestros para el colegio.

They are opening a new high school.Están abriendo un instituto preuniversitario nuevo.

Chuck S. Wilmington, DE

I teach at a school with a significant Latino population and the Camino del éxito program has empowered me to communicate quite well with parents. This is both satisfying for me and reassuring for them. Through regular listening and practicing (often on my way to and from school) I grow more assured of my fluency. The online program is terrific because it provides a solid way of mastering concepts through an abundance of practice. This program was well thought-out. And because of that, it works!

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