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In the name of the father justice essay

in the name of the father justice essay

Gareth Peirce: It's not the stairs that are killing your father.

Gerry Conlon: Aye, what is it then?

Gareth Peirce: It's your lack of faith.

Gerry Conlon: Lack of faith? Faith in what?

Gareth Peirce: In yourself.

Gerry Conlon: No. I have faith in myself. Gerry Conlon. Lifer. 30-year sentence. And I know how to survive it, no problem.

Gareth Peirce: At what price?

Gerry Conlon: I'll pay the fuckin' price, don't you worry about it.

Gareth Peirce: The price for what?

Gerry Conlon: Aye. You're very good at the English, aren't you? You see, I don't understand your language. "Justice." "Mercy." "Clemency." I literally don't understand what those words mean. I'd like to put in an application to get all my teeth extracted. That way I could put my fist in my mouth and never speak another word of fuckin' English so long as I live. Do you see what I'm saying... Mrs. Peirce is it?

Gareth Peirce: Are you trying to impress me?


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