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Interview questions to ask a sheriff

interview questions to ask a sheriff A free inside look at Deputy Sheriff interview questions and process details for. Top 10 Oddball Interview Questions; Questions to Ask to Evaluate a Company s Work. Common Interview Questions for Police Candidates. Common Interview Questions for Police Candidates By. many ask some of the same basic questions. Sheriff s Dept Interview Questions. Deputy sheriff duties that the applicant might be. Interviewers will ask the applicant questions such. 15 Tricky Police Interview Questions. Monster.com | by Police Link. For the latest veteran jobs postings around the country, including law enforcement jobs Interviewing Peace Officer Candidates: Hiring Interview Guidelines viii Contents continued Developing Interview Questions cont. Guidelines for Phrasing Questions. By: Dona DeZube. The best interview questions tell you about the person behind the resume, revealing the job candidate’s personality, strengths, weaknesses.

interview questions to ask a sheriff The 10 Best Interview Questions to Ask | Monster.com

The 10 Best Interview Questions to Ask | Monster.com

Also, consider generational differences when you interview. If you’re a Generation X or Y and your interviewer is a Baby Boomer, they will want to hear questions and answers that indicate commitment. It is also good to use correct terminology and stay away from slang, like: dirtbag, maggot, the perp or cop.

Lastly, don’t linger. When the interview is over, make a graceful, confident exit. All of this combined with asking the right questions during your interview can make you truly stand out as a candidate for your law enforcement dream job.

It is advisable to couch these types of questions so that you compliment the organization while making your inquiry. For example: “I’ve observed many officers from your department and even met a few of them, and they all seem extremely committed to physical fitness. Is physical fitness a priority for this agency?”

Questions like these indicate that you’re thinking about the organization first, something interviewers like to hear. If time allows, you can move to other questions. This is not the time to ask about compensation, salary, insurance or vacation—that information should be readily and publicly available.

Is it a panel interview or an individual? Are they sworn or civilian? Are they from the actual agency or someone from human resources? Next, you should attempt to find out if you’ll be in a group interview with other applicants, which, in theory, is supposed to reveal a candidate’s leadership skills. Remember, there is likely to be more than one interview for a police job, so choose your timing carefully. If this is just a preliminary interview, don’t throw out all of your best questions but save some for round two.

Extensive research

A good first step is todo your research about the agency.

5. Describe the best boss you ever reported to.

This is a great interview question because it tells you about past relationships, says Kathy Downs, recruiting manager, Robert Half Finance & Accounting, Menlo Park, California.

“Because it highlights the personality and work types the applicant meshes with best, the interviewer can gain greater insights into the candidate’s communication skills, work style and potential cultural fit,” she says.

Follow up with questions about what made the relationship click -- was it personality, performance, or perhaps a cheerleader type of boss? Does the candidate prefer autonomy to handholding, or was he inspired by a mutual drive to achieve organizational goals?

6. Tell me about what motivates you. 

Ask these questions in sequence to better understand the interviewee’s motivations, explains Janette Marx, SVP with Adecco Staffing US, Melville, N.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

With this question, it's not what the candidate says but how she says it that’s important, says Joey V. Price, CEO of Jumpstart HR, a managed HR services firm in Washington, D.C.

“If you see someone's eyes light up at the thought of the future, then you can tell this is a very ambitious person who knows where they want to go and will do everything in their power to help ensure your organization gets them there.

3. If you could start your career over again, what would you do differently?

While no one likes to dwell on past regrets, this can be a good question to ask, says Brendan Courtney, president of staffing firms Randstad Finance & Accounting and The Mergis Group, Boston.

Asking a candidate to explain the major decisions he has made, highlighting the positive and negative, reveals the person’s ability to make calculated decisions based on past professional and personal experiences.

It also lets candidates share their vision for the future and their ambitions.

Improve your Hiring and Retention in 2017

4. When I contact your last supervisor and ask which area of your work needs the most improvement, what will I learn?

“I love this question because it’s the one that actually garners an honest response from the candidate,” says career coach Lauren Milligan of ResuMayday, a Warrenville, Illinois, career-counseling firm.

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You’ve made it to the interview stage. Now it’s time to come up with all those clever, meaningful responses to the interviewer’s questions. In any good interview, the candidate asks as many questions as the interviewer. Keep in mind that the questions you ask are one of your best opportunities to showcase your knowledge, communication skills and commitment.

Right resources

There are plenty of resources to help you prepare for a standard job interview, but as you’ve probably discovered, law enforcement has its own unique way of doing things.


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