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Microsoft help compiled storage file hxs

microsoft help compiled storage file hxs

File extension.HXS How to open.HXS file?

HXS? Format a is What from. List What File HXS? Opens

microsoft help compiled storage file hxs File Extension.HXS / Open the HXS file - files.biz

OK, I went through the tutorial on setting up the install...

I'm BRAND new to VS (2005) so I'm still learning a lot of what to do... is it possible to include the help msi into the setup and deployment for my program, and then have it run once it completes (or at the beggining) of the install for the program?

Also, I've looked through the last link, and I still can't figure out how to get the help to launch.. is it something with the namespaces? do I have to enter the namespace of the program? and if so, how do I make sure its the right namespace? (still new to namespaces too....)

thanks for the help!

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