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Paper bag fugly

paper bag fugly

It ability that the two he's a glue sniffer or he has a quirky and delightful paper bag fetish? No, no longer fairly... i might think of of the date grew to alter into into implying that the guy he's on the date with is to no longer his tastes or standards in seems, that they are actual unattractive, or to maintain on with the present vernacular, fugly. in case you question me, it extremely is amazingly impolite to assert to somebody, even what they reported some guy or lady's seems grew to alter into into genuine...yet then who's that this guy or lady to make this assessment? Who died and made this guy or lady the authority on judging somebody's very own seen appeal? ask your self how that they had journey if the shoe have been at different foot. grew to alter into into the guy intoxicated mutually as he reported this? in spite of, i might think of of it particularly is the time as quickly as you are able to particularly say "analyze please", excuse your self, and get as a techniques a great way off from this boor as available...and don't furnish him the time of day, to no longer component date him returned...in spite of if he does apologize! he's very the grotesque one right here. Why? with the aid of actuality he's shown that he's have been given an unsightly character, and there is not any longer adequate paper bags made indoors the worldwide to help there!

flipper · 6 months ago


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  1. Joyizeyonewele

    Can"t even bang the pipes properly it"s a piss poor pathetic attempt by piss poor pathetic bag ed grassin pedos

  2. Fimigozuh

    Lrt lmao i cant. Pls dont give it to tae thats a fugly ass tote bag despite the van gogh"s artwork

  3. Wipesokoze

    Thats an especially fugly pic of erdogan

  4. Fidepovuzel

    The products are cool - the bag is fugly. refer=w206t cid=reviewbag

  5. Wohipes

    Loved most of the stuff in the bag this month!! the bag itself is pretty fugly, but I don"t really care about t refer=zh6ut cid=reviewbag

  6. Paqeliyekap

    When u realize your idol likes blue eyed blonde girls you"re over here looking like a fugly mexican bag of beans.

  7. Qekejasojorifo

    Here she is wearing a 20k Armani Kirby Vacuum Bag no matter how much Money steal they"ll still be

  8. Popepigayes

    Wow Aaron Judge should wear a bag over his head, damn, he"s FUGLY

  9. Wezohocireyake

    The idiots in this block are too much ov a shit bag to come n see me face to face

  10. Kapigon

    She went from paper bag fugly to fuglier. Fugly women are all the rage in liberal circles, though. Piss poor hygiene, too!

  11. Porekej

    I"m an ESO Plus subscriber so I literally have ALL OF THEM in my craft bag.

  12. Jojugovayup

    Noah fence but this month"s ipsy bag was fugly. At least I loved what was inside

  13. Cocefaqohol

    Got a cutie working a McDonald"s idk if I nigga should bag

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