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Persuasive essay about reality tv

Reality Television and Its Effects on Society
Reality television is a series of documentary exploring the lives of certain individuals. Reality TV has been a part of American culture since the 1950’s. One of the very first shows was An American Family. Since then, reality TV has shaped into many different forms; from game shows like Survivor, to a group of party animals living in one house as seen on Jersey Shore. Some say it has changed for the worst; that it is a bad influence on others choices, whereas others say it still has the same typical concept. They fail to realize that reality television is simply just a documentary of people’s lives. Whether they choose to take each other’s heads off or make love to their best friends’ boyfriend, it will not have a negative effect on people’s life decisions or choices.
When people think about Reality TV they begin to picture a group of people arguing and punching each other out simply because that is what reality TV has become today. For some reason the bickering and fighting on these shows tends to attract a large audience. The drama seems to excite people who just happen to have little to no excitement in their own lives. Reality TV has become a way for people to escape they’re uninteresting lives into the lives of people with more day-to-day action.
Reality shows can serve many adequate purposes for both the participants and the viewers. People can actually learn a lot from these shows. Reality shows can teach you that you can overcome tough obstacles with family support, determination, hard work and confidence. For example, A&E's Intervention gives viewers stories of people from different backgrounds who suffered setbacks and addictions, but who eventually get sober or drug free. Shows like The Biggest Loser, inspire those that are overweight to get up and make a change for the better, whereas shows like Bad Girls Club (which includes fighting), are just means of entertainment, for people to laugh at, and for...

persuasive essay about reality tv

Argument Against Reality Television Essay -- Persuasive.


  1. Yajowomeke

    They are so afraid of a strong, intelligent, persuasive female supporting that they degrade beg to keep her off tv

  2. Boyeqifabubi

    How do we get $$ to broadcast this on tv stations for MASSES TO SEE?! This is incredibly powerful AND persuasive!

  3. Kujocelozel

    I like Prestige TV and your reasoned, persuasive argument won"t change my gotdamn mind!

  4. Tikorubomataki

    So you"ve got to ask yourself - who is the most persuasive when drunk? May or Corbyn? Now, that is a TV debate, to arbitrate

  5. Yesisakoy

    DNC Chair Tom Perez needs more air time on TV. Everyone I knows finds him persuasive and very appealing. Maxine Waters too!

  6. Xakuriqi

    Do you think it"s possible to watch TOO MUCH TV?? We collected data read persuasive texts before forming our opinions

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