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Pnwu medical school acceptance rate

pnwu medical school acceptance rate

Data are now available from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) on acceptance rates at medical schools for all students (data here) and acceptance rates for minority students (Hispanic, Black or Native American, data here), by MCAT and GPA, for the years 2007-2009 aggregated. From those data, I was able to create the table above for the acceptance rates for non-minorities (I'm assuming white and Asian), and compare to the acceptance rates for minorities, for those applicants with an MCAT score of 24-26 and a GPA between 3.00 and 3.19. 

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pnwu medical school acceptance rate Welcome to PNWU :: Pacific Northwest University of Health.

pnwu medical school acceptance rate

How did the interview impress you?

What was the stress level of the interview?

0 = low, 10 = high

How you think you did?

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"Admissions office was great and responsive." -Posted 05/19/2016 | More from this Member | Report Response

"Keep it up! They were awesome, especially helping me actually get there! My flight from Seattle to Yakima got cancelled and they were so helpful and understanding while I was scrambling to get to Yakima. They also had fresh coffee available as soon as we arrived for the interview because they knew a bunch of us did not get a lot of sleep due to the late arrivals to Yakima on the shuttles.

  • AVG MCAT 26.9
  • AVG GPA 3.4
  • LIZZYM Score 61.0

The LizzyM Score is a measure of your compatibility with a school. Learn More >

Crime: Detailed Stats >

  • Enrollment Services
  • Butler-Haney Hall
  • 200 University Parkway
  • Yakima 98901
  • United States

School Info

Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences educates and trains health care professionals emphasizing service among rural and medically underserved communities throughout the Northwest. PNWU is dedicated to offering more affordable tuition rates and developing community-based scholarship programs for students.

" -Posted 12/05/2008 | More from this Member | Report Response

"Provide financial information, curriculum, and other basic info on interview day." -Posted 11/21/2008 | More from this Member | Report Response

"Admissions office notified students the following business day of acceptance. That's astounding." -Posted 11/19/2008 | More from this Member | Report Response

"Everything went very smoothly and I have no objections to the day's progression of events." -Posted 10/11/2008 | More from this Member | Report Response

"No suggestions. I think they are doing a great job" -Posted 04/09/2008 | More from this Member | Report Response

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 The reports summarize the applicants' demographic characteristics, baccalaureate degree majors, MCAT scores, GPAs, and more!

Applicant Trends

The trend reports show how the applicant pool has changed over time, mainly in regard to diversity.

Overlap of Applicant Designations

Each application cycle, many aspiring DOs apply to multiple colleges of osteopathic medicine. The following reports are compiled each year to show the overlap of designations—or applications—for each COM. These data are accompanied by the first-year class size that was approved by the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA).

Lunch was awesome!" -Posted 02/12/2011 | More from this Member | Report Response

"Keep up the good work!" -Posted 11/09/2010 | More from this Member | Report Response

"Get secondary payment online." -Posted 02/12/2010 | More from this Member | Report Response

"Worst of any of my interviews and my only waitlist that did finally turn into an acceptance. The interview process here is really terrible and the interviewers make you feel stupid. Actually wish I had been rejected, but my wife is hell bent on staying on the West coast so PNWU here I come. Oh well... it's only four years." -Posted 02/12/2010 | More from this Member | Report Response

"N/A" -Posted 01/27/2010 | More from this Member | Report Response

"Tell applicants at the start of the day what time we will be interviewing at.


PNWU is devoted to training new generations of doctors who will serve the needs of those who live in the non-urban communities and rural areas of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.


Butler-Haney Hall, a state-of-the-art facility estimated to be sixty-thousand (60,000) square feet, on a 42 acre campus and includes appropriate, fully-equipped classrooms, laboratory, research, media, learning resource, and office spaces to accommodate the projected needs of faculty, staff and students. In addition to Butler-Haney Hall, the Cadwell Student Center has been constructed and a new University Conference Center have been completed, additional land parcels have been purchased for future campus growth, and seven additional classes of medical students have started their medical education.


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