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Positive change essay

Everything started about tow years ago when I was in eight grade. I was very different back then I was much more immature. I started having lots of what I considered my friends, I started being rude to my parents for no reason and I was doing terrible in school.

My mom tried to find out what was wrong with me, but I'd always tell her "go away" or "leave me alone, I'm fine." She just wanted to know because she was noisy, I thought. She was an evil person because she yelled at me when I didn't wanted to eat because I didn't want to gain weight, she would make me wash the dishes when I wanted to go out with my friends. I couldn't talk to my sisters at all, I thought they were conceded, and they weren't my family because I didn't look as pretty as they did, I didn't like my dad because he had taken my phone away because he knew that was the reason my grades were so low, and he didn't let me watch TV if I hadn't done my homework. I hated him he wasn't a great father he didn't understand me.

There were only two persons in my family I could get along with. My old brother and my baby brother, because they were nice to me.

One day I got tired of that situation so I thought that if I went to one of my friends' house it would be much fun because she was my so called best friend. So I asked her and she said I was welcome to do it, but her parents did not know. So one night there was a party and all my friends were going to be there, and I wanted to go too. But, because of my bad behavior my parents didn't allow me. So I decided to run away, I had planned to jump out of my room's window, and run away when everyone was asleep. Fortunately my dad caught me in the act and yes, he grounded me, both, my mom and my dad were very strict with me. They even considered putting me in home school or put me somewhere I could get help in. my life was screwed up I thought. But I wouldn't change.

By that time I had a boyfriend, he was much older than me, he was 18 when I was 13. All my friends were older than me. but I thought they were 'cool' because they got in trouble very often. And they liked cool stuff. But my parents didn't like them. Because they were old fashioned they were dumb and old.

One day my older brother invited me to eat at a McDonalds near my house and I accepted his invitation he was really cool, and fun and he was someone I could actually talk to and trust. So we went and I remember we sat in one of those little tables for two persons only. And we started eating and after we finished he started telling me how hard his life had been when he was younger, by that time he was 24. He started talking and talking he told me that I reminded him of how crazy he was when he was my age, he went though hard stuff because he wanted to earn the respect of others the wrong way, he got along with bad influences. But he decided to change and get in he right path after one of his 'best buddies' got killed in a fight. Of course he got very sad when he found out he's best companion had died. And he couldn't be there to defend him. But he also thought he it could've be him the one who got killed. He realized he wasn't being what my parents expected from him. He wasn't being honest, and fair to them. And he changed a lot after that experience.

After that day he made realize how wrong I was. Losing my parents' trust, and maybe my only true friends I would ever have for stupid people that were only getting me near death perhaps. So I followed his advises and I changed. After that I started being nice, obedient and even doing better in school. I started talking to my sisters and yet they came out to be my best friends and advisors with my mom and dad. I feel so bad when I remember all the bad moments I made my parents pass for stupidities.
Now I don't have as much friends as I used to, neither do I have so much fun as I used to but I know that my life is heading the right direction. And that's the positive change my brother helped me achieve.


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