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Research paper on muslim religion

Interestingly enough, Pope
Urban II died before he could see Jerusalem fall to his crusaders. There was
also the Byzantine empire, ruling from Constantinople, whose emperor at this
time was Alexius Comnenus. To his East, the Turks were rapidly encroaching on
his empire, and had begun attacking pilgrims on their way to - and in -
Jerusalem, causing him great distress. He wrote to his friend Robert, the Count
of Flanders, in 1093, telling him about supposed atrocities committed by the
Turks on the Christian pilgrims, and Robert passed this letter on to Pope Urban

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The Arab Empire, though united in Islam,
was not very united politically. Revolt, civil war, and assassination were
common. But they had a unique culture that fast spread its influences to the
Western Europeans. Without the passion of religious fervor, this venture was
impossible. The volunteers had to cross thousands of miles of unfamiliar and
hostile country to conquer lands whose strength was unknown. Yet so great was
their belief that in 1099 they took Jerusalem, establishing along the way
principalities in Antioch, Edessa, and Tripoli. The
Muslims were originally a tight banded group of followers of Muhammad and the
religion of Islam. When the prophet Muhammad died, however, the group lost
it’s center and thus began to unravel a little and disperse. The Muslims
slowly began to integrate into the Christian ‘holy lands’, threatening the
foundation of Christianity. This integration lead to unease and gave root to the
cause of the Crusades. It allowed for the Pope to issue official doctrine which
called for the removal of the muslims in a united effort by devout Christians.


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