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Resume templates with tables

resume templates with tables

Resume Template - Table Format - Scribd

By Alyson Stanfield on 11.02.10

I’ve been editing a few artist résumés lately and notice a recurring problem:

Difficulty lining up the dates in the left and content on the right.

If you’re using Microsoft Word to create your résumé and are finding your columns out of line, I suggest using the Tables feature.

Unfortunately, it rarely works out to “convert” your existing text to a table. Instead, it’s better to start a table from scratch.

1. Create a table by going to Table/Insert Table. Select the number of rows and columns you need. Opt for more rows because it’s easier to delete rows than add them. And you should just need 2 columns.

Word will create a column where you can copy and paste your existing data. It will look kind of like this by default.

2. To tweak your table, put your cursor over the line in the center of the table and drag left. That will get your columns where you want them. You can also tweak your row height by putting your cursor on a row line and dragging it up or down. But you still have those darned borders, which you don’t want to show up on a resume.

To get rid of these, highlight your table and go to Table/Table Properties.

The screen will open to the default Borders page. Just select None and then OK and your borders will disappear. Note: The borders look gray on your screen, but that’s just so you can see the boundaries. They will be invisible when printed or saved as a PDF file.

Voila! Beautifully lined-up columns.

Thanks to Dora Ficher for the use of her résumé.


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