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Sample resume for technical writer

sample resume for technical writer

Here's a resume sample for a Technical Writer or Research Analyst in the PC or Semiconductor industry. This professional resume has addressed a few resume issues, which I'd like to point out.

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About This Sample Combination Resume for a Technical Writer or Research Analyst

Candace (not her real name) wrote a two-page resume that presents her info in a clear and organized way, showing her reader that she's an organized person who knows how to communicate well.

  • Career advancement. Candace is a career climber who is reaching for the next rung on her career ladder. By using the combination resume format, she is able to highlight the skills used in past jobs that support her new career goal.
  • Currently unemployed. By listing just years (no months), Candace's current unemployment of several months is downplayed.
  • Relevant achievements. Candace had many achievements to choose from when writing her resume. Because this resume targets research analyst job posts, she listed only achievements that support that objective.
  • Promotions. By listing her promotions one after the other under her most recent employer's name, it is clear that Candace was promoted several times because of her good work.

From the Collection of Resume Examples

Sample Resume Technical Writer Research Analyst P1Sample Resume Technical Writer Research Analyst

This resume was written or critiqued by a member of Susan Ireland's Resume Team. To learn how to write an effective resume, go to 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.

Candace A. Lienne
123 Orange Avenue , #11
Orange City, Florida 12345
[email protected]

OBJECTIVE: Research Analyst, PCs or Semiconductors


* Over 12 years bringing clear, meaningful PC knowledge to technical and non-technical users.

* Broad experience in collaborative and independent PC research and evaluation, including interviewing and surveying, building and upgrading, testing, writing and editing.

* Project manager and data manager for PC Universe's PC Reliability and Service survey.


1996-2004, PC Universe, Miami, Florida
Senior Technical Editor, 2003-2004
Technical Editor, 1999-2003
Assistant Technical Editor, 1996-1999

Research & Analysis

* Designed and implemented data analysis; rated and reported processes for five consecutive PC Reliability and Service surveys.

* Developed specifications for data tabulations and score reports.

* Led senior staff in selecting rating measures and developing scoring procedures.

* Performed statistical analyses and ran scoring tabulations using SPSS.

* Devised process to distribute and use ratings properly in Features and Reviews.

* Reported survey results to vendors, senior staff, and company president. Fielded and logged inquiries from vendors about survey.

* Awarded bonus and commended by supervisor: "Camille's work on this project greatly contributed to a much higher level of confidence in the data than we've ever had before."

* Managed survey of 15,000 PC Universe subscribers on PC reliability and service (January 2004 issue).

* Trained and directed project team through entire six-month survey project, including rating of major home PC, work PC, and laptop vendors.

* Oversaw project schedule, questionnaire, summary analysis, and promotions.

* Served as primary contact for outside research company.

* Extended survey and ordered e-mail solicitations to increase response.

* Co-developed surveys on printer reliability and best places to buy a PC. Automated editors' evaluations by normalizing and weighting surveys' key results in Excel.

Writing & Editing

* Edited for technical accuracy dozens of features, reviews, news stories, and columns per month.

* Supported staff of 50 editors in article planning, test planning, presenting technical material, and evaluating performance.

* Edited column illustrating key PC upgrades, including CPU, memory, graphics, and storage. Collaborated with author and designer on lineup, info graphics, and photographs.

* Wrote product reviews, news stories, and features. CEO's response: "Your technical expertise and extensive research is exactly the type of top-notch journalism PC Universe readers appreciate."

Technical & Project Management

* Tracked semiconductor beat, including microprocessors, memories, and chip sets. Established significant relationships with industry vendors.

* Collected and maintained the specifications of all x86 CPUs produced since original Pentium.

* Tracked trends at technical trade shows, conferences, and 50-75 vendor meetings per year. Reported findings to editors in written reports and staff meetings.

* Configured and maintained six PCs for editors to test products under multiple operating systems.

* Achieved goals in annual incentive bonus plan for seven straight years (100% success rate).

1995-1996, M&T Publishing, Orange City, Florida
Hardware Support Specialist

1992-1995, Personal Computation, Daytona, Florida
Associate Editor


* B.A., Political Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1992

Professional Development

* Advanced Editing Workshop, University of Miami Extension, 2003

* SPSS coursework: Basics, Intermediate, Tables, and Survey Research, SPSS, Inc., 2002 and 2003

* New Media News II, Miami State University, Multimedia Studies Program, 2001

* Magazine Management Overview, University of Miami Publishing Institute, 2000

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Resume: Technical Writer Research Analyst PCs Semiconductors


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