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Should i buy evoque

should i buy evoque

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I want to get a Range Rover Evoque is the new version a.

should i buy evoque

should i buy evoque Buying a Used Range Rover: Everything You Need to Know.

When someone like Victoria Beckham has a hand in designing a car – as was the case with the Range Rover Evoque – it might be reasonable to assume it’ll prioritise razzle and dazzle over talent and capability.

Such a judgement would be unfair and inaccurate, though, as the Evoque is not only good looking, but it’s also decent to drive and hugely capable off-road. You should definitely consider one if you’re thinking of a BMW X3, Audi Q5 or Mazda CX-5.

The Evoque is available with four-wheel drive and as a three-door Coupe, but it’s cheapest in front-wheel-drive, five-door guise. Range Rover even offers a convertible version – we’ve reviewed that model separately.

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The Range Rover Evoque is a stylish SUV, which pioneered the premium crossover trend

The Evoque isn’t perfect, though. For a start, it’s pretty expensive, while keen drivers will find more to savour in the BMW X3. If you’re drawn to its looks and don’t mind the price tag, however, the slight lack of driver involvement is easy to overlook. Buyers after the Coupe are advised to check out the rear seats, though, as they’re pretty cramped compared to the five-door car.

Range Rover fits three different engines to the Evoque, all of which are 2.0-litres. The 150bhp eD4 diesel is only available with front-wheel drive, while the popular 180bhp Td4 and the thirsty 240bhp Si4 petrol engine come with four-wheel drive as standard.

The Evoque takes as little as 7.6 seconds to go from 0-62mph if you choose the petrol engine, with the Td4 diesel doing the same in nine or 10 seconds (fitting the automatic gearbox makes it slightly swifter). Economy ranges from 65-55mpg with the diesel engines, while the petrol only manages around 36mpg. An automatic gearbox is standard with the petrol engine, optional with the Td4 diesel and unavailable with the front-wheel drive eD4.

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Key facts and figures for the Range Rover Evoque

The Evoque feels very well made inside and the five-door model is pretty spacious, but visibility could be better. Standard equipment is generous, though: all cars come with leather seats, parking sensors, cruise control, DAB radio and touchscreen infotainment – and the latter has been enlarged and improved for 2017.

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Entry-level Evoques come in SE specification, SE Tech adds sat nav and some upgraded trim details, while HSE Dynamic, HSE Dynamic Lux and Autobiography bring luxuries like a self-parking system and a panoramic sunroof. There’s also a special ‘Ember’ edition, which adds a red roof, as well as blackened wheels and lights. We recommend SE Tech trim, though, partly as the higher-spec cars easily reach and breach the £40,000 mark, making them pretty expensive (and attracting high road tax if registered from April 2017 onwards).

The Evoque’s five-star Euro NCAP safety rating is reassuringly excellent, but it’s dependability record is a little patchier: it only came 114th out of 150 cars for reliability in our 2016 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey.

should i buy evoque


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