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Snake plant gift

'Snake plant' or Sansevieria is a plant that can be easily grown even if you don't have a green thumb! It is hardy, needs little water and is forever green.

Organise a group of clients to make arrangements of snake plants for all mothers at your facility.

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  1. Gojimurasuwoc

    Hannah you"re breaking my heart- ivy is on there I"m gonna try a snake plant next, shall we place bets on how long till I kill it?

  2. Biyuhih

    Extra Red Snake Plant

  3. Xujuzicijeled

    Went to water my snake plant only to be greeted by the biggest god damn spider I"ve ever seen in my 22 years of life. MY HOME ISNT SAFE NOW.

  4. Gucezefoguq

    Please join me in welcoming our first houseplant, Kojima the snake plant We got it bc you water it like every 2 months lmfao

  5. Recacequzu

    Btw, back to your original post. Try a snake plant.

  6. Zigorarosayo

    If you find a snake plant, lmk where. Been looking forever

  7. Hekinidotuce

    Got this weird impulsive need to get more plants bc 3 cacti and a snake plant apparently isn"t enough

  8. Werugigovovudo

    Lmao the snake plant is also called Mother in law tongue plant so apt

  9. Lolupufomo

    Every variety of snakeplant I brought 2 sale has sold. S.Moonlight, S.silver princess, S. whitney, S. future, and a Clivia.

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