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Which laptop should i buy dos or windows

A lot of people say that everyone hates Windows 8 but I have yet to see statistics that prove this. There are certainly lots of people who don't like it but I doubt they are even a majority of PC users. So much of what people think about Windows 8 seems to be based on what they have heard and not on real experience with it.

Some myths that are spread about Windows 8 and are not true:

You need a touch screen to use it. Definitely untrue. You can use it with no difficulty with a mouse and keyboard. Instead of touching something, you click it. There are a couple of new mouse movements you have to learn but that only takes a couple of minutes.

You have to use the Modern interface: again not true. You can easily skip over to the Desktop (which works just like it does in Windows 7) by clicking one tile. If you want, you can install a program that will make it start like Windows 7 or even XP or wait a few weeks and get Windows 8.1 which will allow you to set up whether to boot into Modern or the Desktop.

Your old programs won't run on it: with only a very few exceptions (mostly things like antivirus programs which you can easily upgraded to a version that works fine on Windows 8), any program that runs on Windows 7 will run on Windows 8. This even includes a lot of programs people claim won't run on Windows 8.

Not having the old Start screen makes Windows 8 unusable: The Modern tiles essentially do what the old Start screen did. You can easily manage the tiles (change their size, move them around, remove them from the main screen (they'll still be on All Apps), group them, and do lots of other things. Windows 8.1 will bring more choices. Yes, it's a little different but, once you get used to it, is just as fast and effective.

You lose productivity in Windows 8: you lose productivity on anything you are unfamiliar with until you have used it for a little while. Once you get used to Windows 8, it is every bit as productive as earlier versions and probably better because it is generally a bit faster. It is especially better, in my experience, with operations like moving and copying files (especially big ones). No one has yet published any statistics or other reliable information that shows Windows 8 is less productive than Windows 7.

Windows 8 is ugly: well that's subjective so you have to make your own judgments. If you stay on the Desktop, it will look pretty much like it always has. The only thing you lose is Aero and you actually keep most of its important features except for some of the glass and transparent look eye candy.


  1. Vavebofowe

    I"m saying that I"m so for more options. Which is why I"m a PC gamer and only buy console games when I have to.

  2. Zagahavapukuk

    Very true! Know which i"d rather buy!

  3. Huxeqehoj

    3 months for £11.99, but when i go to buy a package its £13.75? Which is the same as my usual rate. Nice promo.

  4. Wibojokemorel

    If I already own ESO which Morrowind do I buy can I just get the upgrade or does the other one have extra stuff

  5. Penijozik

    But I guess they blocked off/kept the other seats bcz who would buy seats which are behind when they"re better seats in front lulz

  6. Cenipaveboxef

    Which faucet design would make you want to buy a ?

  7. Yijecotavi

    Recessions Push People to Buy Cheap Things, Which Just Makes Everything Worse

  8. Jehokutureyo

    Which means now you can"t afford to buy anything

  9. Xecuzinogojeya

    Which kit did you buy David?

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