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Write a report science fair

A science fair project report is an easy step-by-step process. A well written report is key to a winning project. We will show you exactly how to do yours.

Your project report shows how you did the project from beginning to end. It should clearly explain what you did, what question you were trying to answer, and what your results were. Someone unfamiliar with the project should be able to follow your report and repeat the project getting similar results as you did. That's a well written report.

Your report should be your fifth step in the process of developing your science fair project. Below are the six steps you should follow and if you are not doing so I encourage you to start with step one and follow them through.

Science Fair Project Report


Title Page

The title should tell what your project is about and is normally bold and centered at the top of the page. Your teacher will tell you if any other information is needed on this page such as your name, grade, name of your science teacher.

Table of Contents

The second page of your science fair project report is the table of contents. It lists the rest of the parts of the report and their page numbers.


Briefly tell the purpose for your project, what you did, and what you found out. Stay within one page here


State your hypothesis and explain why you wanted to do this particular project. Talk about the research you did and how it led you to this hypothesis...the answer to the question you had on this topic.

Experiments and Data

This is a listing of each experiment you performed for this project. Under each experiment state your purpose in doing it, what information you were trying to find out. What materials, devices, you used to conduct the experiment. Then give a step by step procedure of exactly how you conducted the experiment. Remember, someone else should be able to repeat this experiment following your description of the procedure.

Photos or drawings of any devices or apparatus you made will help others to see exactly what you did. Include graphs and tables of the data you collected for each experiment. Be sure to label everything clearly so others can easily see the information you obtained and what it means.


Summarize what you found from doing the experiments. What does the data mean? State your hypothesis and conclude whether it was correct or incorrect. What problems if any did you have doing the experiment or experiments? Can you think of changes you would make if you did this project again?


Give credit to the people, businesses, schools, etc. that may have helped you in this project. If you used or borrowed devices, equipment, or such, then mention the people that made this possible.


List any books or articles where you obtained information while researching this topic. Also if you talked to any experts while doing your research you should list their names as well in your science fair project report.

When you finish your report the next step is to start work on your project display.

write a report science fair Writing Report for Science Project


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