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Write to market deliver a book that sells


This is one of those things that is very simple – but not exactly easy. There’s so much involved in blogging, community building and crowd-funding that if it’s new to you – it can seem overwhelming.

And then self-publishing! As dead as traditional publishing may be, for many authors it feels like the safer, more respectable option.

But that really isn’t true anymore. Not even a little.

Whatever your industry, whoever your readers, they will be just as willing to buy a book from you (probably much more, come to think of it) than from a giant publishing company. You just need to get them on board.

Now, you know I wouldn’t come over here and tell you how challenging something can be without offering you some amazing training and advice, right?

write to market deliver a book that sells 1523898399 - Write to Market: Deliver a Book that Sells.


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