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Biology 7.3 cell transport answer key

biology 7.3 cell transport answer key

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biology 7.3 cell transport answer key

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Passive transports,kinetic energy......

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What is a passive transport? movement of materials across the cell membrane without using cellular energy
What is kinetic energy? drives diffusion, all molecules have kinetic energy and molecules ,must move in a straight line until they hit something
What is concentration gradient? difference in concentration of molecules across a space
What is equilibium? concentration of molecules is the sane throughout a space
What is diffusion? movement of molecules from high to low concentration without energy from cell(Passive)
What is facilitated diffusion? molecules that cannot directly diffuse across a membrane pass through special protein channels
What is Osmosis? Diffisopn of water through a selectively permeable membrane (Passive)
What is Aquaporins? Water protein channels that allow water to pass right through the cell membrane
What are the 3 types of solution? hypotonic, hypertonic,and isotonic
What is a hypotonic solution? the amount of solutes outside of the cell is lower than inside the cell
What is a hypertonic solution? the amount of solute outside the cell is higher than inside the cell
What is the isonic solution? the same amount of solute inside and out of the cell
What is an active transport? movement of materials against the concentration gradient
What is Pinocytosis? cell drinking
What is phagocytosis? cell eating
What is a vesicle? a part of the cell membrane that surround incoming substances


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