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Essay on a trip to dubai

essay on a trip to dubai I had a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I was very impressed with what I saw. I passed through Times Square, then "the Empire State Building”, a giant building. And I went straight to the very known Fifth Avenue to enjoy the excitement of Rockefeller Center. There I saw the biggest and nicest Christmas tree in NY. The fifth very is a very interesting place from where many shops and the city and its people impressed me a lot.

More than fifteen years ago, as a young student growing up in China, I dreamed of New York City as the place to see. New York city symbolized the United States, the greatest country on earth. I longed to see it. I wanted to even live there some day. Although this trip is not my first visit to the city, I still feel that there is something very special about New York City.


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    There is a curious cadence to the thunder, like giants are rearranging their furniture above the clouds.

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