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Essay on corruption is the biggest evil of the society

essay on corruption is the biggest evil of the society And the World Bank has introduced tougher anti-corruption standards into its lending policies to corrupt countries. Similarly, other organizations such as the Council of Europe and the Organization of American States are taking tough measures against international corruption (OECD, December 1997). Corruption is politically destabilizing, as it leads to social revolution and military takeovers. Most "post-coup rationalizations" in less developed worlds point to corruption. TheGeneral Buhari's post-coup broadcast to Nigerians in 1983 is a case in point (Welch, Jr., 1987). But hiding under the excuse of corruption to topple a legitimate government in Nigeria will seize to be a credible reason for the involvement of the military in Nigerian politics in future. This is because many of the previous military leaders in Nigeria were as corrupt, if not more corrupt than the civilian politicians they replaced.

essay on corruption is the biggest evil of the society Short Essay on Corruption in India - PreserveArticles.com

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  3. Digamox

    I think your contribution to society will be far greater than the presidency. Think about this!

  4. Divigifopayim

    Companion film to the pro capitalistic Bee Movie which explains the importance of small businesses and independent culture in society.

  5. Giqocepu

    Amtrak has been informed of the demands of modern society. If they want our corporate welfare, they"re free to comply. Otherwise,

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    Picking up my Doggy 5K packet at the Humane Society today. Not sure how many pets will fit in the truck, but I think we"re gonna find out.

  7. Benekinivo

    It"s not dems or repblcans. Watch the commercials during primetime political shows to find out who it really is. Oil. Pharma. Banks. Agro.

  8. Qewelejifitu

    Nah wypepul are too busy preserving advanced industrial society to play the bakketbaw all day

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    Hi , my : Goblin Army - a city is attacked by a goblin army, but in the end, SOCIETY is the real goblin army

  10. Texobetovel

    It"s about time we got rid of the statues. Sorry if your ancestors fought for the south but they stood for a racist society

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