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Ewell essay

Thus, on the heels of the poem's analysis (pun intended), my students should be properly prepared to share their shoes with the whole group.

I have decided to hold council around their sharing, rather than require a formal presentation from each student, because I believe that the intimacy (for lack of a better word) of council is more in keeping with the heart of this project. Council is more about sharing than about presenting, and I want to capitalize on how much my students love this text and the characters in it without the added stress of standing and speaking in front of a whole group.

I have a small tennis shoe (a keychain, actually) that we will use as the talking piece. Before we begin, I briefly review the structure of council, emphasizing that the only person speaking at any given time is the one who is holding the talking piece. I ask that my students limit their sharing to as close to two minutes as possible, so that everyone has the opportunity to speak. I instruct them not to read their essays to the group, but rather to tell us who their character is and tell us about the "hows" and "whys" of their shoes.

For those few students who may be without their projects today, for whatever reason, I instruct them to briefly tell us about their shoes when the talking piece is passed to them. In this way, they can still receive their credit for today's council. I explain that each student will receive participation points for sharing today, reminding them that their actual shoes and accompanying essay will be subject to grading rubrics, which were provided here and here.

I ask for a student volunteer to begin, provide that student with the talking piece, and council begins. When the first student has finished sharing, he/she decides which direction to pass the talking piece. The shoe council will take us right up to the end of the period.

Quick logistical note: You will need to be prepared for the deluge of shoes on this day. I had to bring in two extra folding tables from home so that the shoes can remain in a relatively safe place until I have a chance to grade them. At the close of the period, I instruct my students to assemble their essays with the rubrics attached and place them under their shoes, so that they do not get separated.

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ewell essay Free ewell Essays and Papers - 123helpme

ewell essay

ewell essay


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