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Examples of scholarship winning essays

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Most Memorable Experience

My friends and I were coming home from our weekend in Edinburgh, and we hadn’t booked our train and ferry tickets back to Dublin, thinking we would be able to do it the morning of. WRONG. We arrived at the Edinburgh train station at 8 AM and found out we wouldn’t be able to get on a train until 7 PM and we would have to take a ferry from Wales to Dublin at 2:45 AM. What could have been a potentially infuriating experience turned out to be one my best memories from abroad. We got an extra day to explore Edinburgh, and we had a great time entertaining each other as we took every mode of transportation through Scotland, England and Wales and finally got back to Ireland successfully. Working with few resources is a challenge, but the reward is worth all the effort.

Caitlin Quintez

Journalism & Mass Communications, History
IAP Dublin, Ireland

examples of scholarship winning essays

examples of scholarship winning essays

examples of scholarship winning essays Scholarship Winning Essay Examples


  1. Dujopuy

    For example, create “independent” scholarship fund to give scholarships to their students. Donate stadium to booster club. 2/2

  2. Suhadodasap

    Another example of the NCAA abusing its power: Purdue forces all scholarship football players to legally change their last name to “Purdue”.

  3. Qodarasoqobo

    For example, if a 5 Star highschool football player earns a full scholarship to play football at a big state university he earns a full ride valued at let’s just say $30, 000 for room board and tuition.

  4. Jigebiluquxej

    For example, I suggested doubling the scholarship stipend to start an arms race. Then there’s half the students it all collapses.

  5. Vodotoqono

    For example: 95% to100% pass will get 100% scholarship, 75% to 95% will get 70% covered, etc

  6. Molohihami

    My parents are still iffy on what a fellowship is as opposed to scholarship so I tried to explain it better using as an example.

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