08 30

Fast food is expensive essay

Burger King also gives out crowns, so you can be a Burger King too.

If fast food was designed to be quick and easy, why is there a McCafé? McDonalds now has a café, a Wi-Fi zone, and an eat-in restaurant. Those are not things a person in a hurry would use; McDonalds is now trying to lure customers to linger longer.

Fast food is dangerous to your health, hard on your wallet, addictive, and bad for the environment. Through the power of the media, advertising lures in children, teens, and adults to come eat fast food, making false promises of happiness to all who eat it. A healthy, well balanced diet will improve your health and save you money.

fast food is expensive essay Free Cause and Effects Essay on the Popularity of Fast Food ...


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  3. Nezohapoxidagu

    There is an extreme manipulation in Human Energies rn. The things we are forced to focus on and enjoy are enfolding and manifesting FAST.

  4. Naguroxokuxo

    Feel better fast Is it like a cold? or the flu?

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