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Highland elementary school web page

Immunization Exemption Information

Twice a year, for each required vaccine, the State of Oregon requires schools to notify parents of immunization exemption rates. The rates will be posted on the school’s website and in the school office as well as sent home to parents. Attached are the exemption rates as of February 2017. Notifications will occur in March and September. Click here

Información Actualizada sobre la Exención de Inmunizaciones

Dos veces al año, para cada vacuna requerida, el estado de Oregon requiere que las escuelas notifiquen a los padres las tasas de exención de inmunizaciónes. Las tarifas serán publicadas en el sitio web de la escuela y en la oficina de la escuela, así como enviadas a casa a los padres. Se adjuntan las tasas de exención a partir de Febrero del 2017. Las notificaciones se producirán en Marzo y Septiembre. Clic aquí

Информация об Освобождении от Вакцинации

Два раза в год, Штат Орегон должен информировать родителей, какой процент не вакцинированных детей за каждую трeбуемую вакцину. Эта информация теперь будут размещена на веб-сайте наших школ, в школьном офисе, а также будет отправлено письмо родителям. Прикрепленная информация указывает какой процент не вакцинированных детей составлял в феврале 2017 года. Уведомление будет доступным в марте и в сентябре. кликните сюда

highland elementary school web page Highland Elementary - Independent School District 196

highland elementary school web page Highland Elementary School - Google Sites

Absences and Tardies

In accordance with the Missing Children Act, we must know why a child is not at school. Parents are expected to call us as early as possible (7:30 - 8:45) each day your child is absent or tardy. If your schedule prevents you from calling during these times, we have an answering machine where you can leave a message. If your child is going to be late, please notify the office and let us know if your child will be having hot or cold lunch before 9:00. If we do not hear from you, expect a call from the school.

Stop, Drop and Roll at Highland

The main entrance is not to be used for parking at morning drop-off and dismissal times. In the morning, please feel free to pull in, drop off your child and then continue down Parkhill Drive. If you must park, please use the street parking spaces on Parkhill Drive. Stop your vehicle, drop your child off and roll on out! If you need to get out of your vehicle, please find a designated parking spot and park. Do not park in the Handicap Parking Spaces unless you have a valid permit.
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  • I hope summer has been relaxing and renewing for you all. Summer has been a busy time here at Highlands as I have been hiring new team members and preparing the building for another fantastic year ahead. As you know, Highlands has been under renovation for most of the summer. District maintenance has done a tremendous job with our renovations. I am excited for you to be able to see the changes that have been made. I look forward to meeting and welcoming our new and returning community members in August as we move forward to our school year.

    As you all know, Highlands is a vibrant, student centered, and innovative school. We strive to provide the best possible environment to foster both academic and social emotional health and success. August and September provide many opportunities for your family to learn about Highlands School, beginning with our new family tour on August 10th at 10:00am.


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