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How do you write a speech outline

how do you write a speech outline

PART A: Speech Requirements
PART B: Outline Organization
PART C: Sample Outline
PART D: Connectives and transition statements



Speech Assignment Requirements

For each speech in this class you must:

1. Provide the instructor with a typed outline on the day
you speak. This outline will be in the format assigned.

2. Provide a list of references used in researching the speech.

3. Speak extemporaneously. You may use note
cards or speak from an outline.

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Outline Organization
(what an outline MUST contain)



how do you write a speech outline Writing an Outline by Austin CC - Start Here. Get There.

how do you write a speech outline DOC Outlining the Speech - UCCS Home

Why we vote
A. To elect representatives
B. Constitutional right
1. Article 1
2. Amendment 15
3. Amendment 19

II. Why we don't vote
A. Figures on low voter turnout
B. Some don't care
C. Some are not educated about candidates

III. Why we should vote
A. To voice our opinions
B. To guarantee our freedom


I. Summarize main points

II. Explain how to register

III. End with Quotation

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Transition Statements

Remember when you first learned to drive a car?

The outline needs to include basic meteorology, the paleo record, something about how co2 is a poor greenhouse gas, something about feedbacks and mathematical modelling. I Am assuming you know these sorts of thing as otherwise what do you intend to talk about in detail?

There's various talks online but the ones I've seen cover narrow aspects of the science which may not be appropriate to s general audience. But they may give you an idea of how other people do it.

You could mention the list of things the environmental Activists get wrong and the huge harm this causes.

Organized series of 3-5 main ideas
2. Support in the form of testimony, illustrations, examples, statistics


1. Emphasize the main points of the speech.
2. Give a sense of finality to the presentation.

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Here is a sample outline - using the format assigned for your speeches.

Name:  Sara Slocum
Date: November 5, 1997
(Sample used with permission)

Title: Voting: Our Legal Right

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to vote in elections



I would certainly talk about how data is gAthered ( temperature, co2, proxy etc).

But I repeat the main thing to do is know your audience. I was At a convention ( a different area of physics) recently in india and asked to do a keynote talk to a group of science students on climate. I was told they were physical science graduates so my talk assumed a reasonable level of physics. The night before I found out that these were 15 year olds who wanted to go to university and study the physical sciences. I spent the evening before removing what I thought was the stuff which was too advanced for them but regretted it as these kids were some of the smartest I'd ever met and with a few basic bits of physics figured out for themselves how co2 could not drive climate.

Think how many times you have listened to presentations, where the speaker finished one thing, and then immediately went off on another point. A well prepared speech will have a transition - a connecting statement which relates what has just been mentioned, to the next part of the speech. When you are done with the Introduction, you need a transition statement to "lead" into the Body, then from the Body into the Conclusion. Even movement from one main point to another in the Body of the speech requires some type of connection. What you can try to do is tell them about the scientific method and how AGW was never framed in these terms, that is for example why you heard that the science was settled before anyone started doing any research.

You can talk about the silliness of talking about any consensus because this is not how science is done and the most commonly cited ones are fakes anyway.

You could use Al gore's AIT film as an example of unfounded and unscientific scared. There's 30-40 errors in it which reveal quite nicely the misunderstandings of the science which are perpetuated by ignorant activists, news channels and so on.

I literally never went to a talk where the speaker knew much even of the basics - you need to make sure you are not going to be like that).And yes, as with any talk, you need to start with an outline.

But first you need to know what sort of audience you are talking to. This is especially true for me because I give talks about why global warming/climate change is utter and dangerous nonsense. Many audiences do not like this because for them it is a (dangerous) belief system.

The issue of global warming ought to mean you're going to talk about some aspects of physics but as AGW had its birth in politics, one has to cover this briefly a little.


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