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How to make a paper gun pistol easy

how to make a paper gun pistol easy

Step 2: Step 2

Take the tube and cut it in half, then cut the half in half. You should end up with fourths.

Step 3: Step 3

take one tube ang cut an inch off it. then tape it on top of another tube. take a seperate tube and cut it in half. take one half then cut that in half longways. if you get cofused just look at the picture.

Step 4:

that half and make it a square. take that one half we cut and pit thet in there. tape the sqare to the bottom of the gun. that will be the handle. take a piece of scrap paper and tape it to the bottom of the handle like the picture.

if you want to make a bullet, search"papper gun bullet" on instructibls to find out.

how to make a paper gun pistol easy

(with to How - Make a Paper Pictures) Simple Gun wikiHow


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